Setting up development environment#


This documentation section covers how to run Trading Strategy code examples and notebooks:

  • How to set up libraries and development environment on your local computer or a cloud server


Code examples are available able Jupyter notebooks in this documentation.

You to be able work with the examples you need to have

  • Basic Python programming language understanding

  • Basic Jupyter notebook understanding

To get started, you do not need to install any applications on your computer.

Development environment options#

Check how to run examples and from the available code snippets:

How to get started#

After setting up your development environment, go to tutorials section of the documentation.

  • How to use Trading Strategy API

  • How to analyse DeFi market data

  • How to develop and backtest your own automated trading strategies

Getting an API key#

To get a Trading Strategy API key needed to access some of the datasets, please visit here.

  • Any notebook will prompt you to get and enter the API key if you do not have one yet

  • Some binaries like trade-executor docker will read the API key from TRADING_STRATEGY_API_KEY environment variable.


export TRADING_STRATEGY_API_KEY="secret-token:tradingstrategy-d534e28..."