API documentation for tradeexecutor.ethereum.execution Python module in Trading Strategy.

Module description#

Dealing with Ethereum low level tranasctions.



Run order execution on a single Uniswap v2 style exchanges.


approve_infinity(web3, deployment, ...)

Approve multiple ERC-20 token allowances for the trades needed.

approve_tokens(web3, deployment, hot_wallet, ...)

Approve multiple ERC-20 token allowances for the trades needed.

broadcast(web3, ts, instructions[, ...])

Broadcast multiple transactions and manage the trade executor state for them.

confirm_approvals(web3, txs[, ...])

Wait until all transactions are confirmed.

get_held_assets(web3, address, assets)

Get list of assets hold by the a wallet .

prepare_swaps(web3, hot_wallet, uniswap, ts, ...)

Prepare multiple swaps to be breoadcasted parallel from the hot wallet.

translate_to_naive_swap(web3, deployment, ...)

Creates an AMM swap tranasction out of buy/sell.

update_confirmation_status(web3, ts, tx_map, ...)

First update the state of all transactions, as we now have receipt for them.

wait_trades_to_complete(web3, trades[, ...])

Watch multiple transactions executed at parallel.