API documentation for tradeexecutor.visual.web_chart.WebChartType Python class in Trading Strategy framework.

class WebChartType[source]#

Bases: Enum

Different charts we can generate for frontend rendering.



compounding_unrealised_trading_profitability_sampled = 'compounding_unrealised_trading_profitability_sampled'#

Live trading strategy portfolio’s profitabiltiy.

  • Sampled from open positions hourly

  • It is adjusted for deposits/redemptions to refelect the strategy performance, not TVL

compounding_realised_profitability = 'compounding_realised_profitability'#

See Profitability calculations

Differs from compounding_unrealised_trading_profitability_sampled as calculated only on close.

realised_profitability = 'realised_profitability'#

See Profitability calculations

netflow = 'netflow'#

Deposits and redemptions

total_equity = 'total_equity'#

Total equity curve