API documentation for tradeexecutor.strategy.pandas_trader.decision_trigger.validate_latest_candles Python function.

validate_latest_candles(pairs, df, timestamp)[source]#

Ensure that the oracle served us correct up-to-date candles.

  • The last timestamp of a pair must match what we requested earlier.

  • The timestamp cannot be sooner or later


This cam be only called for highly active pairs, as many low and middle cap tokens may not see trades in hours.

  • pairs (Set[DEXPair]) – Set of pairs our strategy is trading

  • df (DataFrame) –

    Dataframe of candles.

    May contain candes for a single or multiple pairs.

  • timestamp (datetime) – What is the latest timestamp we need to have avilable for every pair. This is the strategy decision timestamp - current candle time frame.