API documentation for tradeexecutor.analysis.grid_search.visualise_heatmap_2d Python function.

visualise_heatmap_2d(result, parameter_1, parameter_2, metric, color_continuous_scale='Bluered_r', continuous_scale=None)[source]#

Draw a heatmap square comparing two different parameters.

Directly shows the resulting matplotlib figure.

  • parameter_1 (str) – Y axis

  • parameter_2 (str) – X axis

  • metric (str) – Value to examine

  • result (DataFrame) –

    Grid search results as a DataFrame.

    Created by analyse_grid_search_result().

  • color_continuous_scale – The name of Plotly gradient used for the colour scale.

  • continuous_scale (Optional[bool]) –

    Are the X and Y scales continuous.

    X and Y scales cannot be continuous if they contain values like None or NaN. This will stretch the scale to infinity or zero.

    Set True to force continuous, False to force discreet steps, None to autodetect.


Plotly Figure object

Return type: