API documentation for tradeexecutor.visual.benchmark.visualise_equity_curves Python function.

visualise_equity_curves(curves, name='Equity curve comparison', height=800, log_y=False)[source]#

Compare equity curves.

  • Draw a plot of different equity curve / return series in the same diagram

  • To benchmark grid search results, see tradeeexecutor.visual.grid_search.visualise_grid_search_result_benchmark()

See also

  • curves (list[pandas.core.series.Series]) –

    pd.Series with their “curve” attribute set.

    Each Pandas series can have attributes

    • name

    • colour: Plotly colour name

    • curve: Equity curve type

  • height – Height in pixels

  • initial_cash

    The amount of strategy initial cash.

    Needed to transform benchmark return series to comparable equity curve.


Plotly figure

Return type: