API documentation for tradeexecutor.strategy.pandas_trader.token_mapper.find_best_pairs_for_tokens Python function.

find_best_pairs_for_tokens(pair_universe, tokens, reserve_token, intermediate_token=None, volume_30d_threshold_today=0)[source]#

Find the best DEXes and trading pairs to trade tokens.

  • Find the best trading pairs for a list of tokens

  • If the token has both /USDC and /WETH /WMATIC e.g. pairs try to pick the best one

  • USDC is always preferred if it has enough volume

  • tokens (Iterable[TokenTuple]) – A list of tokens

  • pair_universe (PandasPairUniverse) – The available trading pair universe.

  • reserve_currency – Token symbol which we are trading against.

  • intermediate_token (Optional[str]) –

    Allow routing tokens trades through this token.

    If you are trading USDC treasury you want to access /WETH nominated pairs, then this is WETH.

  • volume_30d_threshold_today (float) –

    Drop trading pairs that are too small.

    Based on the latest snapshotted volume.

  • reserve_token (str) –


Iterable of trading pairs that match criteria.

Return type: