API documentation for tradeexecutor.visual.technical_indicator.overlay_all_technical_indicators Python function.

overlay_all_technical_indicators(fig, visualisation, start_at=None, end_at=None, volume_bar_mode=None, pair_id=None, start_row=None, detached_indicators=True)[source]#

Draw all technical indicators from the visualisation over candle chart.

  • start_at (Optional[Timestamp]) – Crop range

  • end_at (Optional[Timestamp]) – Crop range

  • volume_bar_mode (Optional[VolumeBarMode]) – How to draw volume bars e.g. overlay, seperate, hidden

  • pair_id (Optional[int]) – If set, only draw indicators for this pair

  • start_row (Optional[int]) – If set, start drawing indicators from this row. Used for multipair visualisation.

  • detached_indicators (bool) – If set, draw detached indicators.

  • fig (Figure) –

  • visualisation (Visualisation) –