expand_timeline(exchange_universe, pair_universe, analyzer, create_html_styles=True, vmin=-0.3, vmax=0.2, timestamp_format='%Y-%m-%d')[source]#

Console output for the portfolio development over the time.

Each row presents the portfolio status at the end of the day/candle.

The outputted data frame is intented to be human readable and not for programmatic manipulation.

  • create_html_styles – Create a formatter function that can be applied to hide and recolour columns.

  • vmax – Trade success % to have the extreme green color.

  • vmin – The % of lost capital on the trade to have the extreme red color.

  • timestamp_format – How to format Opened at column, as passed to strftime()

  • exchange_universe (ExchangeUniverse) –

  • pair_universe (LegacyPairUniverse) –

  • analyzer (PortfolioAnalyzer) –


pd.Dataframe rendering the portfolio development over the time

Return type: