visualise_single_pair(state, candle_universe, start_at=None, end_at=None, pair_id=None, height=800, axes=True, technical_indicators=True, title=True, theme='plotly_white', volume_bar_mode=VolumeBarMode.overlay)[source]#

Visualise single-pair trade execution.

  • state (Optional[State]) –

    The recorded state of the strategy execution.

    You must give either state or positions.

  • pair_id (Optional[int]) –

    The visualised pair in the case the strategy contains trades for multiple pairs.

    If the strategy contains trades only for one pair this is not needed.

  • candle_universe (tradingstrategy.candle.GroupedCandleUniverse | pandas.core.frame.DataFrame) – Price candles we used for the strategy

  • height – Chart height in pixels

  • start_at (Optional[Union[Timestamp, datetime]]) – When the backtest started or when we crop the content

  • end_at (Optional[Union[Timestamp, datetime]]) – When the backtest ended or when we crop the content

  • axes – Draw axes labels

  • technical_indicators

    Extract technical indicators from the state and overlay them on the price action.

    Only makes sense if the indicators were drawn against the price action of this pair.

  • title (Union[str, bool]) –

    Draw the chart title.

    Set to string to give your own name.

    Set True to use the state name as a title. TODO: True is a legacy option and will be removed.

  • theme – Plotly colour scheme to use

Return type: