tradeexecutor.visual.single_pair module.

Module description#

Tools to visualise live trading/backtest outcome for strategies trading only one pair.


export_plot_as_dataframe(plot[, start_at, ...])

Convert visualisation state to Plotly friendly df.

export_trade_for_dataframe(p, t)

Export data for a Pandas dataframe presentation

export_trades_as_dataframe(portfolio[, ...])

Convert executed trades to a dataframe, so it is easier to work with them in Plotly.

visualise_single_pair(state, candle_universe)

Visualise single-pair trade execution.

visualise_technical_indicators(fig, ...[, ...])

Draw technical indicators over candle chart.

visualise_trades(fig, candles, trades_df)

Plot individual trades over the candlestick chart.